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invest in Turkey

History of company

Nov, 2001 company Ltd. Şti established in Ankara -Turkey with a foreign capital $ 35,000.00- Company shares acquired by local investor and moved Istanbul 2007.

Core business

Company core business is to sell animal farm equipment and tools, supply spare parts, related services in addition to farm construction and consulting. Has rights to sell and distribution some of EU companies in addition to local equipment production that providing global quality

Distribution K

  • Exclusive distributor of the K Holding GMBH Co KG is predominant European company in the rubber industry has more than 2.000 employees worldwide. Which has established as a competent specialist in the rubber business in 1947.
  • Since 1968 have been developing and manufacturing rubber mats for animal husbandry in Germany. Today about 200 employees exclusively concentrate on that.
  • Company goal is to achieve more than just fulfilling general legal requirements, but furthermore apply environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.


Territories are Turkey and supplying; Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq territories. Main market is dairy farms ranches and animal breeding farms ( horse, cow, bull, sheep, goat)

Turkish dairy population by 2016

Kapasite / capacityİşletme / # Farm %Hayvan sayısı /  # heads%
01-09        1.555.950  80,80%         4.251.000  31,32%
10-49           339.300  17,62%         6.252.000  46,06%
50-199              28.600  1,49%         2.231.000  16,44%
200 <                 1.757  0,09%            840.000  6,19%
Toplam/ Total        1.925.607          13.574.000   
2016 data for animal stock in Turkey
  1. The number of small farmers who have 01-09 animals in Turkey is around 1.5 million. Sustainability of farming is declining in this group for this reason, the number in this group is decreasing day by day. Some of them are trying to reach the level of one or two higher groups with various state incentives and supports. Some of them are leaving animal husbandry.
  2. The number of small farmers who have 09-49 animals in Turkey is around 300 thousand. In this group, the competitiveness and economic profitability of farms are decreasing. For this reason, farms seek growth and competitiveness, trying to reach a higher group level with various state incentives and supports but misdirected towards short-term solutions.
  3. The number of medium-sized enterprises with 50-199 animals in Turkey is around 29 thousand. There are farms with industrial meaning in this group. They benefit from government subsidies and premiums and are in the formal economy. Profitability, growth and competitiveness.
  4. The number of large industrial enterprises with 200 or more animals in Turkey is around 2 thousand. Innovation, efficiency, highly competitive, prone to research, development and growth Benefit from government support subsidies and premiums and economic enterprises.

Although the records and production of the vast majority of farmers in 1 group are not known exactly. Due to the feed and milk price ratio, this type of livestock is moving away from being economical and sustainable. This group tends to slaughter due to the increase in animal care costs and difficulties for farmers. With the decrease in the number of animals as a result of slaughter, milk production also decreases.


Intensive animal farming (industrial farms) use 10 sqm of rubber mats for each cow to sustain animal comfort and welfare. Which is main concern for high productivity and yield.

As a summary: Turkish market has 15.000.000 cows x 10 m2 a potential of 150.000.000 m2 rubber mats for only dairy business. In next 10 years it is expected, dairy barns size and capacity will grow (by number of heads) where as number of small farms reduce.

Company can sell only 200 – <  heads farms for the moment which is only 6-7 % of total Turkish market. That’s a also opportunities to reach remaining %93 of total potential.

Company for sale


Domestic Sales261.000-€435.000-€300.000-€
Transit sales300.000-€46.000-€1.245.000-€
Total sales821.000-€796.000-€1.920.000-€


Current assets
Accounts receivable800-€1.000-€2.000-€
Total Current Assets112.000-€
Non-Current Assets
Plant and equipment15.000-€
Business premises40.000-€
Total Non-Current Assets205.000-€
Current Liabilities201820192020
Accounts payable66.000-€50.000-€10.000-€
Bank overdraft1.000-€
Bank Loans65.000-€
Credit card debt500-€
Tax liability104-€
Total Current Liabilities76.604
Non-Current Liabilities0-€
TOTAL LIABILITIES66.000-€50.000-€76.604-€

Profit and loss (P&L)

Sales – COGS = gross profit – expenses = net profit

Others services and commissions200.000-€
Cost of goods sold1.000.000-€
Gross Profit500.000-€
Administrative overhead and total expenses100.000-€
Travel and other16.000-€
Wages and other overheads47.000-€
Net Operating income400.000€
Other incomes70.000-€
Profit before interest and taxes470.050-€
Tax rebates30.000-€
Net profit450.000-€

Financial health

What level of sales do I need to cover all my expenses?Breakeven pointCOGS +  expenses1.000.000+ 100.000= 1.100.000-€
Is my business operating profitably?Gross profit margin
Net profit margin
Gross profit ÷ revenue x 100
Net profit ÷ revenue x 100
500.000/ 1.500.000×100 =33%
450.000/ 1.500.000 x100=30%
Does my business have too much debt?Debt to income ratioTotal liabilities ÷ sales x 10076.000/ 1.500.000x 100= 7,6 %
Can my business survive an economic downturn?Debt to equity ratioTotal liabilities ÷ equity x 10076.000/ 35.000 x100= 217 %
Can my business afford to pay its bills?Liquidity ratioCurrent liabilities ÷ current assets x 10076.000/ 112.000x 100= 67.85%
How much working capital should I retain in the business?Working capital ratioCurrent assets ÷ current liabilities112.000/ 76.000= 1.47
Is my business earning a worthwhile return?Return on investmentNet profit ÷ equity x 100450.000/ 35.000×100= 1.28%
How quickly is my stock turning over?Inventory turnoverClosing stock ÷ COGS x 36570.000/ 1.500.000 x 365 = 17
How many days do customers take to pay me?Accounts receivableAccounts receivable ÷ net sales x 3652.000 / 1.500.000 x365 =0,48
How quickly am I paying invoices?Accounts payable turnoverAccounts payable ÷ purchases x 365
Are my expenses under control?Expenses ratioCOGS + total expenses – (depreciation and interest) ÷ revenue x 100

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